There is a heightened level of vulnerability in telling ones story…


For many years I have wanted to write my story. It’s not a perfect story, but it is my story. There is pain, heartache, and betrayal. There is tragedy, death, and disease. But there is also love, healing, and forgiveness. There is pride, life, and well-being. There have been hurricanes and rainbows.

There is a heightened level of vulnerability in telling ones story; and yet I believe there is power in vulnerability. So putting my words to where my heart was, I jumped and found my flow.

It’s not something that I chose to do impulsively. I gave it a lot of consideration and reflected upon the various ways that it could impact my life and those that are part of my story. I know there are some that do not want me to tell my story for the simple fact that they are part of it. And there are others that requested that I write the paragraphs, pages, or chapters that include them. Perhaps they want to know what they meant to me in my story or how they have influenced or impacted me.  One day, I hope to tell my whole story, but I don’t write on request; I follow my flow.

I put off telling my story for many years because I knew that when I chose to do it there was only way – I was going to give it everything I had and put myself out there or not at all. I needed to write for me. I had to be honest. I had to be authentic. I had to be real. If I wasn’t writing with the depths of me, than all of it meant nothing and it wasn’t worth doing.

I prefer transparency. I prefer vulnerability. I am not a martyr and I don’t have all the answers. I have made mistakes and found myself in some tricky situations. I will never claim to be perfect. I do not seek pity or praise. I realize that I may be criticized, misunderstood, or categorized.


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