Bitter hearts are hardened, wounded warriors…


There’s a saying that I have told a handful of people during some dark times in their lives. It is something that I have observed throughout life; a poison that traps a heart in bondage.

“Do not become bitter…”

Have you ever known a bitter heart? It beats with anger, resentment, unforgiveness, vindictiveness, defensiveness, and is covered in a barrier so tightly wound that it allows no one in.

The concept of vulnerability is most appalling to the bitter heart. They see vulnerability as weakness. Vulnerability is dangerous to the bitter heart.

Bitter hearts are hardened, wounded warriors.  They draw swords swiftly. They are not battle-choosers because they see enemies in many.

Bitter hearts don’t become bitter overnight, there’s a hardening process that has to occur.

None of us are immune from this heart disease. It is a conscious choice we must make to not become bitter.

There is a common denominator found in the heart of this poison; a deep wound. A wound that never healed correctly, let alone sufficiently. When left unattended, or attended with the wrong salve, that wound festers. It is then covered in layer upon layer of poison that self-feeds and over-protects the heart. As it feeds and grows, the walls become thicker and harder to penetrate.

A bitter heart lacks love, hope, understanding or empathy. It is consumed by its own existence.

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