You used the wrong powder!


Aaron and I had planned a camping trip for our family in the Thousand Islands in New York. We had found the perfect spot and everything was booked.

About a day before we were scheduled to leave, I received a phone call from my mother in Virginia. Her third husband was dying of cancer. I asked her if she wanted me to come. She said yes.

We held a family meeting and told the children of our change of plans.

We packed up and headed to Virginia in a hurry, though we weren’t quick enough.

He died a few hours before we arrived.

We visited with family. We attended the remembrance. We gave lots of hugs.

After a few days, Aaron and I decided we all needed a break.

DC was only a few hours away.

If you have ever spent time during the summer months in Virginia, you would find that humidity sucks. I found myself sweating in places that I didn’t know could sweat.

I asked my mom if she had any powder.

“I don’t use powder, but I have corn starch on the bathroom sink in a clear container.”

I doused my body with the white powder and off we went.

We parked by Arlington Cemetery and walked into the heart of the district. By the time we got to the Lincoln Memorial my skin was on fire.

I searched for a bathroom. What was going on with this corn starch?

I called my mom immediately. She needed to know that her corn starch had gone bad. This was serious.

As I was explaining my predicament she burst out in laughter. Perhaps the only laughter she had that entire week.

Apparently, she had TWO clear plastic containers full of white powder on her sink that day.

“You used the wrong powder! You used the baking soda!”

Lesson learned: Remember to always clarify the contents of unmarked clear containers filled with white powder AND have the ability to laugh at yourself.


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