“I promise Dad.”

“Promise me something.”

It was a random phone call in the middle of the night. I am not a fan of random phone calls, but this one was different.


“Promise me that you will never put me in a nursing home! Promise me, right here, right now. Promise me Christine!”

“I promise Dad.”

I made a promise to my father a few years ago. We don’t agree on everything, but we agree on nursing homes – they kill people.

Nursing homes take the glue out of what holds families together, isolating and suffocating until the glue dries up crusty and suffers a cold, lonely death. Yeah, I hate nursing homes.

My step-mom spent the last years of her life stuck in a nursing home. I hated every aspect of it. I hated what it represented, what it meant, and what it brought.

My grandmother was placed in a nursing home. She was a strong-willed woman. About a year later, that nursing home broke her spirit and will to live.

I hate nursing homes.

I didn’t always hate nursing homes. I worked at one when I was young. It wasn’t my niche.

As life progressed and nursing homes took on another angle within my life, I began to reflect on the concept of them.

I always wondered why our society embraced this notion. I suppose people sometimes do what they have to, but then again, do they?

Some lessons and values in life are quite painful.

I know this one was for me personally, but I won’t let that lesson go to the wayside.

“I promise Dad.”

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One thought on ““I promise Dad.”

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