“Promise me something…”


I have often wondered if some found it morbid. I never actually asked.

Throughout my life I have asked certain individuals to make me a promise. I’m not really sure when this all began, but I know I have done so since I was at least a teenager. I am now almost 43, and still to this day I request this of some.

I request a witness of my life; the good, the bad, and the real.

Not too long ago I joked with my husband that my funeral one day would be by invitation only. He called me a snob and laughed. Perhaps to some degree there is truth in his words. I am selective in who I choose to invest life with and I’d like to think that those I’ve asked along the way can attest to who I am, and one day, who I was.

I never want a funeral where everyone is talking about how great I was. Sure, I hope they can remember some good things I’ve said or done along the way, but it’s more than that.

The people I have asked along the way know how to be honest and real.

They are mostly balanced. They see both sides.

These are the individuals I want as a testimony to my life one day, in case one of my children or others may put me on a pedestal.

There is nothing worse than being put on a pedestal. It is a place no human deserves to be. It is a place every human will fall from. I learned this a long time ago, but that is a story for another day.

“Promise me something.”

I always wait for their response.

“Promise me that if I go before you, you will come to my funeral.”

I am asking a lot. I am asking for them to share stories to others they may not know. I am asking for them to be real. I am asking for their defenses to stay low so others may know what they know. I am asking them to be a witness to my life.

I have often wondered if some found it morbid. I never actually asked.

In the end, I don’t think it will matter.

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One thought on ““Promise me something…”

  1. Dr. Dave says:

    If asked, my answer would most definitely be, “Yes, most assuredly. I’d be honored. I’d be honest and I’d be objective.” (Assuming I’m still around. If I’m not, I’ll greet you when you arrive). Did I find “Promise me something” morbid? No, not at all. However, I found it sincere, beautiful, yet difficult to read. Snobbish? Maybe a little…LOL…but well earned.

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