But that nurse with insight…


They had the helicopter ready and they were preparing our newborn for an emergency flight to Houston for open-heart surgery.

The nurse was with me wrapping up paperwork for the process.

Our baby was hooked up to all sorts of wires and blinking lights. They wouldn’t let me hold him.

I’m not sure how it happened, but that nurse caught insight and not a moment too late.

When women become pregnant they run a whole series of tests and blood-work around 20 weeks.

One of the things they check for is Group B strep.

Group B strep in newborns can cause serious complications, including death.

At 20 weeks I tested negative.

They never rechecked this and assumed it was his heart. His blood oxygen level kept dropping and he was getting sicker by the hour.

As the nurse was asking me questions, she jumped up and said she would be right back.

I’m not sure if she saved his life, but she definitely prevented an unnecessary open-heart surgery from occurring on a newborn.

They tested him for Group B Strep.

It was positive.

They called Houston. They cancelled the flight. They started antibiotics.

He had to stay about a week longer in the hospital. They allowed me to stay with him because we lived so far away.

I admit I wasn’t fond of the nurse that I had during my labor and delivery. And I admit, I was probably one of the worst first-time-labor & delivery-patients, but that nurse with insight… I will be eternally grateful to her. She did good.


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2 thoughts on “But that nurse with insight…

  1. kcarr642 says:

    Wow. How traumatic, but how grateful you must have been for her catching that. I’d love this even more if there was a little more detail shown from description–why was it such a bad first time delivery? Why did you dislike the first nurse?
    Wonderful writing.

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